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How Can I Promise Results First?

Initial Campaign Evaluation

Unlike most Digital Marketing Agencies, I'll only take on customers if I'm positive I can improve their Google Ads campaign performance drastically.  If we determine that your Pay Per Click campaign is performing well, being managed properly, and generating real results during your Free Marketing Evaluation, I'll let you know that my services may not be necessary.  My goal is to help your business succeed, not waste your time or money.

Proven Google Ads Optimization Strategies

I have been creating, analyzing, and managing effective Google Ads PPC Campaigns for 11 years.  I have developed unique optimization techniques that have proven to increase conversions and reduce costs on hundreds of campaigns throughout the years.  I have worked on Google Pay Per Click campaigns for businesses of all sizes throughout the U.S. and am always able to find opportunities for smarter bidding strategies, keyword management, ad design, location targeting, and more.

No Cost to Start, No Contracts

While most Digital Marketing Firms promise results AFTER an initial investment and sometimes even a lengthy contractual commitment, Results First Digital Marketing LLC offers exactly the opposite.  My services are provided on a month to month basis with no setup fees, upfront costs, contracts, fine print, or strings attached.  You are free to cancel services at any time, without penalty.  Pricing is simple, the monthly management fee is based on your monthly Ad Campaign budget, between 5% and 10%, and there are no charges for 30 days.

The Process

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Campaign Analysis

Campaign Analysis

I have been optimizing Pay-Per-Click campaigns on Google for more than 11 years.  I've seen countless businesses waste thousands of dollars on unrelated and irrelevant "clicks" that don't generate conversions.  If you want to be sure your investment in Google Ads is money well spent, get in touch with me for a completely free analysis.

Campaign Analysis

Campaign Analysis

Campaign Analysis

Google Ads can be costly if not managed properly.  Vague/broad keyword targeting, overly aggressive location targets, unclear/generic ad content, overbidding, improper ad schedules, and other issues could be costing you more than you think.  My analysis will provide you with clear and concise opportunities for improvement, if any.

Get Started

Campaign Analysis

Get Started

If I'm certain I can help you reduce ad costs, increase conversions, or both, and you're ready to start seeing better results, all I'll need to get started is access to make changes to an existing campaign (or the information needed to set up a new campaign).  You will not be required to sign a contract or pay anything to start.

Google Ads Monthly Management Rates

Please Note: You will be responsible for Google Ads click charges separately from Results First Digital Marketing LLC monthly management fees.

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